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3T Explosive start to term

This week 3T have being doing lots of fun things.

This term we are learning about What Makes the Earth Angry and we are looking at lots of Natural Disasters. We have started by researching Volcanoes. We have used the internet and found information about different types of Volcanoes and Lava on DK Findout. We also read books in the classroom about how a Volcano erupts. Then we used all our research to write our own informative paragraphs which we will use to make a page in our Natural Disaster Book.

We have also made different volcano explosions using different ingredients such as, Coke and Mentos, Lemon and Bicarbonate of soda with red food colouring and vinegar and bicarbonate soda. The one we liked the best was the Coke and Mentos because it went really high. We can’t wait till we make our own.


We really enjoyed Wednesday, now known as Whizzy Wednesdays. We get to split into different classes and do lots of different things. Some made their own music beats and dances. Some did forest school and made tree mobiles. Others did drama and art activities. It was great!

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