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This half term so far in year 5

Year 5 have had an amazing start to this half term. First of all, we had Zoolab come and visit both classes. They brought with them a plethora of animals that we could hold (and some that we couldn’t!). These animals could be found in the rainforest, which is one of our topics for this half-term.


As well as that, we took part in world book day and had a wonderful time sharing books. We also did some fun activities based around our favourite books and authors.


We are also really proud of some of the art work that we have done in year five. Here are two pieces we are particularly proud of. One is the Tree of Knowledge which was created with chalk and watercolours. The second is a painting of the sea make only with finger painting techniques. We think they’re fantastic!




We can’t wait for Science week! Update you then.

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