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4T’s exciting learning so far this term

4T have been busy this term. Here are just some of the exciting things we have been up to so far:

World Book Day

World Book Day was a real highlight for 4T. We loved being able to write creatively and then share these stories with others. We also had a great time moving around the school completing a carousel of fun literacy activities. Our favourite was creating a comic strip of our everyday lives. The library hunt for Where’s Wally, also caused a great deal of excitement!

Why were the Romans so powerful?

As part of our Roman learning challenge, 4T have been presenting some fantastic home learning which has really impressed Miss Taylor. All of  homework was outstanding but here are just some of the things that we shared:

Isobel made 24 shields for us all to create the tortoise formation used by the Roman army to protect themselves in battle. We found it hard to get the formation right quickly so we definitely need a bit more training to be a worthy competitor for the barbarians!

Charlotte split the class into two and made one side the Roman army and one side Boudicca’s Celtic. Boudicca’s tribe had to think of a way to pass the well trained Roman army. They are still planning their attack so this will take place at some point outside!

Lucy made a fantastic Roman baths model complete with lots of authentic details and interesting facts. It was definitely worth all her hard work over the half term break.

Bethany turned a Barbie doll into Boudicca which was a great idea and Maisie created an interactive dress up the Roman soldier activity!


4T have loved being scientists and engineers for the week and getting to investigate lots of questions.

On Monday afternoon, Mr Butcher came in and presented a Powerpoint all about his job. He is a civil engineer and designs bridges. He also brought in lots of building materials. We all had 15 minutes to build a bridge thinking about how to make it stronger. Before we started, Mr Butcher showed us some pictures of famous bridges. Then he showed us a model that he had already made, on wheels. We worked in groups of three and four. Not everyone finished their bridges although everyone’s stood up. At the end of the 15 minutes we all showed our bridges in our groups and they were all very good! (Written by Bethany-4T)




Other great STEM activities we tried:

Do all orange objects float?- This was a really interesting investigation with some surprising answers. Try seeing if an orange floats at home. Take off the orange peel and see if this makes a difference. We found out all about density in this investigation.


Raft building- 4T were given the task of creating a raft which would float and hold a 50g weight. Jessica and Kian’s raft was the most successful and we found that this was because it had a larger surface area for the water to push up against. We enjoyed learning all about buoyancy after our building time.

Zoo lab- 4T could not contain their excitement when all the creatures came to visit our class. We got to learn about, and hold, a wide variety of fascinating creatures such as Tango the Corn snake, a millipede, a domesticated rat,  and a cockroach!

Designing a catapult- As part of STEM week and our learning about the Roman army and its weaponry, 4T designed and then built their very own catapults. The challenge was to see whose catapult could fire a marshmallow the furthest. The catapult had to be less than one metre tall and stand alone too. This challenge was harder than we had anticipated but two catapults met the challenge. They had used the elastic bands the most effectively to get the greatest tension and resulting force.

Microbes- Miss Taylor’s desk has been well and truly tested for hidden microbes. 4T took swabs of lots of objects in the classroom and placed these into petri dishes to see what hidden microorganisms are hiding all around us. We can’t wait to see the results after a few days. (Miss Taylor is getting the anti-bacterial spray out right about now!)



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