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The hard week of 5E!!!

Monday- In the morning we had the British values people from Warwick University who talked about how it works in a court case it was lots of fun. In the afternoon we talked a tiny bit of it and caught up on our maths and English.

Tuesday- On Monday we did maths and English about percentages and started doing a fact file on the rain-forest.

Wednesday-As soon as we entered the school, we finished our fact file on the rain-forest and in the afternoon we did a double page spread on about the amazon river witch was covered in facts.

Thursday-We did maths and English again but in the afternoon we did some fun PSHE.

Friday- The best day of the week Friday getting ready for home at least it was fun but we still had to do a math test which is really cool and it was out of a big score of… 60!!! The question included percentages decimals and fractions we have been covering all over the two weeks. We also did some sketching skills in art.

B.S and T.T.


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