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Question the Classes: Online Safety

In online safety club before half-term we discussed plagiarism and copyright, and shared with you (in class)¬†what they were and why we shouldn’t do them. This week we have decided to see what you have remembered with two questions. Please comment as a class in response to each question, justifying your answer:

Question 1: Can I use any picture I like in my work?

Question 2: Can I copy and paste sentences or words from the internet and put it into my work?


(The Online Safety Officers)

5 Responses to “Question the Classes: Online Safety”

  1. 1S says:

    In 1S we discussed both of these question and listened to each other’s ideas and reasons. We said that you cannot use any picture you like in your work because it belongs to somebody else and you might get into trouble for using it. 1S said that we could always try and ask permission first. We also said that you should not copy and paste sentences or words from the internet because they don’t belong to us and this is called plagiarism.

  2. Class 2T says:

    Question 1: No we can’t use any picture we would like in our own work. We know that we can use pictures but we have to say where we got it from.

    Question 2:No we can’t copy and paste sentences because we know this is stealing other people’s ideas (plagiarism and copyright). We know that when we are researching we need to put the information in to our own words and sentences.

  3. 3T says:

    Q1: No you need permission, and if you do you need to put in brackets where it is from.

    Q2: You cannot copy someone else’s work, this is plagiarism.

  4. 5E says:

    1 – Only with their permission. You need to say where you got it from if not.

    2 – You need to check who made or owns it or you have to ask their permission.

  5. Lucy Morris says:

    2B says:

    Q1- No we can’t use any picture that we like. We need to say where we go it from.

    Q2- No we can’t copy and paste because it is not our own work. We can use their ideas but put it into our own words.

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