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4T rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt!

4T are very excited about their new topic all about the Ancient Egyptians. For our sparkly start we took a virtual tour through the tombs and pyramids of Ancient Egypt. We explored secret passageways and the burial chambers of the great pharaohs. We even found some intricate wall paintings featuring mysterious hieroglyphs, gods and goddesses. Getting into the role of historian, we also examined a number of Ancient Egyptian sources to find out what they could tell us about how this magnificent civilisation lived. We looked closely at the unique style in which they drew people in their artwork; finding it great fun  trying to copy their poses with our face and feet side profile whilst at the same time having our body faced straight on!

In RE, we have been learning all about the importance of Sewa in the Sikh faith. This is all about voluntary service to the community so we set about the school offering a helping hand to all classes and teachers. Miss Eggleton was extremely thankful for our sharpening services and Mr Lee was grateful for getting a newly tidied and dusted reading area!

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