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5C’s Marvellous Sweets

This week, in 5C, we have been making up sweets, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We invented some names for them as well using alliteration, such as Great Ginormous Teeth Smasher and Terrific TeleGum. All sweets had to have a purpose, for example, candy to make you super strong, bubblegum to make you travel back in time and a gobstopper to scare away bullies.

After we created our sweets, we thought up recipes for how to make them. Some were very bizarre with strange ingredients, and one recipe even included smashing a laptop with a war hammer!

When we finished inventing recipes, we thought of how we could get people to buy our sweets and made some persuasive adverts including all the persuasive techniques we have learnt – Statistics, Exaggeration, Facts and Opinions, alliteration and lots more.

Matthew Jones 5C, 29/09/17


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