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Year 5 focus artist Beatriz Milhazes

This half term in year 5 we have been inspired by the upbeat artwork of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Beatriz Milhazes is well known for her vibrantly colourful, kaleidoscopic collages, prints, paintings and installations which draw on  Brazilian culture, ceramics, lacework, carnival decoration, music, and architecture. We first created an ‘energetic’ background of

different lines using chalk and oil pastels. Then we had great fun experimenting by cutting  geometrical shapes out of a variety of materials and placing them on the background to create a lively piece with a strong composition. We were particularly inspired by Beatriz’s celebration of different cultures and her ‘free’ approach to art where  imperfections are celebrated. As Milhazes explains, “I am seeking geometrical structures, but with freedom of form and imagery taken from different worlds.”

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